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The ISEM audio elixis combines in an elegant and compact case a digital to analogue converter, an advanced USB interface and a fully featured integrated amplifier which outperforms the legendary xtasis.

It can be coupled with virtually all existing analogue and digital equipments including computer-based systems and is able to drive all types of loudspeakers including electrostatics.

Whichever source is in use : phono preamplifier, CD-SACD-DVD player, FM tuner, digital radio, music-server, portable music player or computer-based system, the highest quality of sound is ensured. The elixis is clearly intended for demanding music lovers.

As with all the models from the millennium line, the elixis benefits from the OTC concept enabling the listener to control serenely all the operational functions. He can at any time select with ease any of the sources which are connected to the elixis.

To achieve this outstanding performance, the ISEM audio team has defined multiple areas of design with always keeping in mind that each section, each component and each connection plays a leading role in the sonic properties and global performance. As such, the elixis can be considered as three products in one that exceed the best stand-alone equipments. It is probably the most appropriate response to the often conflicting demands of performance, convenience and value.

The elixis carries on the ISEM audio tradition of combining advanced technology with Natural Sound.
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